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Life is too short to not eat chocolate everyday.

Travel (Places You Wouldn't Believe Exist)

One day someone will love me. For now I settle by loving on everyone.

You were the last good thing about this part of town.

The Ballad of an Apocalyptic Love

With the world’s end drawing near

And no consequence to fear,

Maybe then I’d let us free

And we’d be lovers you and me.

With little to nothing we’d just push south,

Kissing all the way, just about—no doubt,

Popping squats to smoke your pipe,

Just you and me, living the life.

And at half past noon you’d grab your strings

And the two of us, we’d howl and sing,

And I’d let you solo for a bit,

If you’d let me take just one more hit.

There Spanish children would follow us ‘round,

Contagious wander-love drawing a crowd;

We’d bundle in drug rugs to hike the peaks,

And hang tents in trees to sleep.

Sometimes I’d cut your hair with scissors,


And you’d braid mine into rope,

So all three feet of it wouldn’t use up our soap.

We’d bathe when your smell’s a nuisance,

Though to your looks even dirt’s an improvement,

And I know you’ll flail in your dreams

And I’ll awake squooshed in a pile of leaves.

But I think it’d all work out,

If the end of the world ever came about,

Your spirit never losing its youth

To the obstacles of a world, uncouth.

For I feel that’s where lies our romance,

We laugh a little more when not wearing pants,

And we could be together you and me,

If there wasn’t something greater I wanted to be.

And someday I’ll find my ten,

Among that vast sea of world-ready men,

But for now I’ll just pretend,

You and I don’t have to end.

Maybe just because it’s a change but I feel you discover more of yourself when you’re out in another culture because you’re anyone you want to be and you just get to reinvent yourself in every new place you visit and it’s like finding another little piece of you and it only exists in its true form in that world and you can bring a shadow of it back with you but a little of it is lost in translation, and if I travel the world I may be able to put all the pieces of me together and that’s why people travel to “find themselves.”

If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for something more.

C. S. Lewis

Your skin will wrinkle and your youth will fade, but your soul is ageless…May you always defiantly resist the aging of your spirit.

Dr. Kelly Flanagan


I collect ‘em like vinyls,

the more character the better,

and their compliments

and whispers

are the tracks I play in my head,

sending us all for a spin beneath

the needle of reality.

Sure, it’ll hear us,

but melody knows they’ll never catch me.

"So based on ‘Piano Man’ this makes us the business men."

My mom thought “wanderlust” had a dirty connotation.

If you like good music, I will love you forever.

It’s all fun and games until somebody hits their head in the shower.

Time for a good book. Even if it’s for a project.

It’s not friends with benefits if we’re not friends and I’m not benefiting.